Our top picks for fall

Fall is one of our favourite times of year in PEI. There are so many things to do with your family, pets and friends that’ll keep everyone happy and healthy the whole season.

Whether you’re getting the dogs outside for a hike on the trails or to play in the falling leaves—or cozying up indoors with a cup of tea and your cat in your lap—there are plenty of awesome things to do. Let’s not forget how much fun Halloween can be for our furry friends too!

Here are some of our staff’s favourite fall pet products that’ll help you make the most of the season—from everyday nutrition to weather-safe accessories, Halloween treats and more!


Name: Christian
Location: Charlottetown
Pet Name: Dexter

Product: Dog Bites Freeze-Dried Chicken Hearts
Why do I love this product?
Dexter goes bananas and will do anything to get his paws on some of these chicken hearts. Just look at that face! I love that they’re a healthy, natural, and safe product that keeps both of us happy.


Name: Ashley
Location: Summerside
Pet Name: Tillie

Product: Zilla Shed-Ease Reptile Bath
Why do I love this product?
Tillie is so thankful for Zilla Shed-Ease reptile bath this fall! It’s sometimes hard to find the right product for such a special creature, but we recommend this one to all his scaly friends who visit Global Pet Foods!

Name: Kennedy
Location: Summerside
Pet Name: Salem & Asher

Products: Primal Raw Goat Milk with Pumpkin & Almo Nature Tuna wet food recipes
Why do I love this product?
These two cuties each have their own favourites — Primal Raw Goat Milk with Pumpkin and Almo Nature Tuna wet food. I love them because I can mix and match with all the different flavours (so they’re never bored) and they’re the perfect size to fill these growing babies’ bellies!


Name: Faith
Location: Summerside
Pet Name: Ace & Charlie

Products: Primal Pet Foods Frozen Nuggets for Dogs
Why do I love this product?
Primal Nuggets are one of our go-tos. Not only has this raw food done amazing things for both Ace and Charlie’s health — I also love that I can trust they’re both getting a complete and balanced raw diet. Plus, with easy packaging and zero prep work, I love how convenient it is. Look at those faces — I think they love it too!


Name: Christian
Location: Charlottetown
Pet Name: Blake

Products: Nature’s Own Buffalo Mint Twist
Why do I love this product?
For such a small dog, this little guy has a lot of bite — if he had his way, he’d chew on anything he could find! But these Buffalo Twist Sticks definitely pass the Blake test. They keep him chewing, entertained, and busy for hours — and they give me some peace of mind too!

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Eat. Play. Love…for fall!

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